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Carbon reduction for businesses.

Carbon reduction for municipalities.

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The Cool Rochester Program

Cool Rochester aims to help residents, businesses and municipalities in the Greater-Rochester area reduce their collective carbon dioxide emissions by 1 billion pounds by 2012. We intend to do this by facilitating conversations about choices, disseminating detailed actionable information, providing practical tools and unleashing the power of community around a shared vision of a sustainable future for our children.


A broadly focused marketing campaign will bring the Cool Rochester Challenge to Rochester-area residents, inviting participants, volunteers and partners to join this community-wide effort. 

Businesses, municipalities, and community groups will have the opportunity to become Cool Rochester partners, each committing to a CO2 reduction pledge of 5 million pounds or more, from within their own internal operations, from among their constituents and among those they serve. These partners will be invited to a Partnership Recruitment event, to be hosted by Mayor Robert Duffy at City Hall in September 2009. Ongoing Recruitment Events will be held annually throughout the duration of the Challenge.

Registration and Pledges

All participants in the Cool Rochester Challenge will register on the Cool Rochester website by calculating their current carbon footprint (household and / or workplace), and by making a pledge to reduce it by a targeted amount. Aggregate pledges by teams will be displayed on the website homepage, to serve as references and inspiration for others.


As participants register on the website, they will be able to choose between three programs: Residential, Business, and Municipal. Each program will provide participants with the necessary tools, training, support and recognition to successfully and measurably reduce their carbon footprint. Cool Rochester will encourage businesses and municipalities to engage other organizations within their field to form "Communities of Practices" to progress through the program together: sharing best practices, insights, goals, and resources, in an atmosphere of friendly “co-opetition”. As participants complete the residential program, they will be encouraged to become “Cool Ambassadors” and encourage their family, friends, and coworkers to join the Challenge. 

Tracking Results

All participants will be encouraged track their progress on the Cool Rochester website. Tools will be provided to enter meter read data to see the savings achieved. Our relational database will provide customized reports to assess the relative effectiveness of various actions. Participants will be able to track their individual progress as well as that of the groups that they are affiliated with. Meanwhile, progress towards the original pledge will be charted.   

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